Plasmo [Latin] /’ Verb. to create, build

Digital Engagement Platform


“Learning in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity and attention span. The human brain learns better when content is delivered in short bursts.”

What is Plasmo?

Plasmo is the new way to build dynamic multimedia content, deliver it to your staff or customers, then measure and analyse their engagement.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Create bitesize digital flashcards, including video, animation, audio, image, text and deep links
  2. Engage with specific user groups, delivering content to your customers, staff and stakeholders
  3. Measure user behaviour, to track team performance, test content and increase engagement

How can Plasmo help you?

How are your teams performing?
Are your staff and customers engaged?
How effective is your content?

Learn and do more…

  • Engage with your staff and customers
  • Measure internal and external comms
  • Deliver training and prove compliance
  • Track performance across teams
  • Streamline your induction
  • Take instant temperature checks
  • Assess mental wellbeing

“More than two-thirds of companies see Microlearning as urgent or important, yet only 5% believe they have mastered the content and technology capabilities needed.”

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