• Plasmo
    Digital Engagement Platform

    A new content creation app and engagement platform, built by Salpo Technologies.


Build something remarkable

  • Create rich multi-media content with the powerful Plasmo cloud-based card creator
  • Deliver to customers, employees and more via the Plasmo iOS/Android mobile app
  • Measure user interactions to prove compliance, track progress and guide decisions
  • Analyse and report on results through the Plasmo analytics engine
  • Develop and tailor future content based on real user data and insights

“Plasmo is powering my business, Tencil, allowing users to access a range of rich content, including articles, images, videos and quizzes, then measuring and analysing their engagement.”

Joel Williams, Founder and CEO, Tencil

What is Plasmo?

Plasmo is an innovative content creation, delivery and analytics tool, which empowers you to build great multi-media content, get it to the right people, then measure and interpret their interactions.

Our cloud-based card creator enables you to build double-sided card decks, containing video, audio, images, GIFs, Q&As, text and deep links to internal/external sources and web content.

Content is pushed to users via an iOS/Android mobile app. They can easily access and navigate content, bookmark cards, add notes and play audio/video media, even while offline.

All interactions are tracked, with data uploaded once users go online. You can access all user data via the Plasmo desktop dashboard, enabling easy analysis, to guide and enhance future content.

Built by Salpo

The Plasmo digital engagement platform is built by Salpo Technologies, an innovative software development studio, who’ve created software used by some of the world’s biggest and best brands.

“Plasmo supports content creators to quickly and easily build tailored content, deliver it to their users, then measure and analyse engagement. This really is a game-changer for businesses large and small.”

Paul Lawrence, CEO, Salpo Technologies

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